President Mike Bola met with Councillor Tom Gill, Planning and Development, Transportation/Engineering and the Bylaws departments to push for a solution on how to tackle the parking and multiple suite issues in the East Clayton neighborhood in Cloverdale. Planning and Development have advised that no new RF-9 and RF-9C (coach home) lots will be allowed unless the developer had an application in progress prior to this new change taking place. They have also advised that a new RF-10 zone has been created which would allow up to 6 off-street parking which would in turn free up more parking space on the street. This includes providing a full length driveway and a side parking pad. President Bola suggested to the Transportation and Engineering department to look at the possibility of installing “NO PARKING” signs in all the back lanes in East Clayton to help eliminate the garage accessibility issues in addition to pushing out multiple suite tenants. President Bola has also asked the Bylaws department to provide daily parking enforcement in East Clayton until a precedence has been set. President Bola suggested to start with a dedicated team of parking enforcement officers who would drive through East Clayton once during the day and once in the evening around 7pm or so to ensure everyone is following the parking regulations. Bylaws has also reassured me that multiple suites issues are being addressed and fines and letters of removal are being delivered. Unfortunately, due to the fact that some tenants have children and are attending the school nearby, it is hard to ask them to leave until the end of the school year which is the end of June. Finally, permit parking was discussed based on residents recommendations and city staff will have a report ready on April 7 at the next Transportation Committee Meeting to advise what the options are, if any. The biggest concern was how the city was going to enforce the permit parking and how they were going to manage and administer the permit parking system from a cost effectiveness point of view.