Jaime Boan, City of Surrey, Transportation Dept., along with Terry Sampietro and Dave Harkness made a presentation and led a discussion regarding parking issues in East Clayton. They told us they are guided by the “three E’s”, namely, Engineering, Enforcement and Education. From an Engineering standpoint they explained the options available to them. Before trying expensive solutions such as street widening they would like to try a pilot experiment called “Queuing” and would like to proceed as soon as possible in 2014 exploiting this least expensive option which would add 140 parking spots. The City has also stepped up enforcement of by-laws on parking and illegal suites. By-law amendments are being proposed and new enforcement strategies will be tried starting in late July 2014. In 2014 to date, in Cloverdale (including Clayton), the City has ticketed 9200 parking violations (1850 in May); and answered 750 complaints about illegal suite by-law violations (120 in May). Educational bulletins have been distributed advising residents of best practices in parking and advising them of their regular enforcement program and of fines and penalties applied in cases of non-compliance. Mr. Boan asked for our support so that they can implement the pilot project and get it started right away. The association supported the City’s plans on tackling the parking issue in East Clayton.