The Cloverdale Community Association appeared in the Cloverdale Reporter and the Leader newspaper raising concerns about a possible amendment to a bylaw which would allow the developer for Joi Townhomes located in East Cloverdale (aka Clayton Heights) to reduce the potential 3 on-site parking spaces to the 2 minimum as per the current bylaw. The developer already poured the concrete for the foundation on the assumption this amendment would go through after consulting with the city staff prior to bringing this forward to council to review. So the question is, why wait this long to ask for an amendment after all the framing and rough-ins are pretty much completed? This loophole is a big problem because no one can remember what the original site layout looked like for this development back in 2012 when it received its approval and now 3 years later the developer wants to modify it. These types of changes could have a negative impact on the neighbourhood considering that Clayton is already having parking issues. Just because there is on-street parking today, doesn’t mean it will be available when the land across 188 Street from this project is developed since they would be able to use the same on-street parking. Instead of making this issue somebody else’s problem later on, why not fix it now? While the developer is following the bylaws to do everything legally, our request to the developer was to keep the 3rd additional parking spot for each townhouse unit rather than only providing the minimum of two as per the bylaw.

Furthermore, the association sent an official letter to the Mayor, Council members and Bylaw Manager requesting that they increase the penalties for the illegal secondary suites so landlords would stop adding to the parking problems and making sure there is compliance. Please click on this link to view the whole article: