President Mike Bola contacted the Chair of Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Tom Gill requesting an update as to when 64 Avenue would be widened based on our 2012 official request. Transportation Manager Jaime Boan responded to our email on behalf of Councillor Tom Gill informing us that due to funding issues Translink is having and the defeated referendum, the widening of 64 Avenue was going to be delayed. Here are the timelines for the widening of 64 Avenue in Cloverdale:

From        To                    Estimate      Time Frame
177B St     184 St             $10.5 M        7-10 years
184 St       188 St             $6.0M           7-10 years
188 St       Fraser Hwy   $4.0M           7-10 years
192 St       196 St             $4.5M           4-6 years