History of Cloverdale

William Shannon (1843-1928) was one of the first settlers to the Surrey region, homesteading at this location in 1875. He was inspired to name the area from the clover that grew there in abundance. Cloverdale is a great family oriented area, with plenty of parks, pools, recreation centres, playing fields and schools all within walking distance.

Cloverdale is an historic town and designated town centre of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, located near Langley, which is east of Vancouver. The town was founded initially as a small farm community in 1870 for its fertile land and temperate climate, and has since become enveloped by suburban sprawl from Surrey, making it a small town in the suburbs.

Cloverdale is known by some as the historic centre of Surrey, BC and is home to many heritage sites. One of its oldest buildings, Christ Church, was built in 1882 and still stands today, and though it is no longer used for worship, it is a popular location for weddings. Cloverdale is also the home to the City of Surrey’s official Museum.

Cloverdale is best known outside its immediate vicinity as the primary “main street” and “downtown” sets for the television show Smallville. A billboard on the edge on the edit of the community reads, “Destination Cloverdale – Home of Smallville”. The community has been home to othe filming, including one of Coca-Cola’s Christmas commericals. Despite filming during summer, the town square was decked with Christmas Decorations, including fake snow. In June 2006, a film called “Deck The Halls” was filmed, and the area was once again decorated in Christmas decorations and fake snow. In September 2006, the feature film Postal was filmed in Cloverdale. The 2007 film Hot Rod, starring Andy Samberg, was also filmed in Cloverdale. A portion of 176th Street was shut down to accommodate a riot scene and a motorcycle stunt involving jumping over fifteen school buses was filmed at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. In addition to being filmed there, the town of Cloverdale was a fictional setting of Stargate Universe episode entitled “Cloverdale”. Cloverdale is also known for the yearly Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair on the Victoria Day long weekend, which attracts visitors from all over western North America. It is the second largest rodeo in Canada after the Calgary Stampede. Its location, the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, is also home to Fraser Downs, which is a popular racetrack and casino.

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